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Franciscans of Divine Mercy & love of God Web site

The Order Franciscans of Divine Mercy and Love of God is a religious order of Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus INC a Massachusetts
religious nonprofit church ministry of the Independent Catholic Church of the Americas New England Diocese. Beginning on Friday March
28th the community will be entering its 7th year.
We are a Franciscan Community of Men and Woman, Married and single who have dedicate themselves to live out the call to St. Francis “go
rebuild My Church” as a call to each one of us to encourage unity within the Mystical Body of Christ, The Church, and to gather all who
accept Christ as their redeemer and Savior together as is their rite by their Baptism.
We welcome all men and women who feel called to serve God and God's children without discrimination and with compassion and mercy.
We are dedicated to healing those who have been hurt by some churches actions of discrimination and selectivity but yearn for a Catholic
spirituality, liturgy and to partake of the Eucharist.

We welcome and encourage the inclusion of women and married persons into the priesthood.

We live our vows as partnered/married or single persons, male and female, under the rule of life established by St. Francis. The vow of
Chastity is not a requirement but is encouraged for single persons.
We identify strongly with Jesus’ call to Saint Francis to “go, rebuild My Church”.

We understand this as a call to affirm and proclaim the Divine Mercy and Infinite Love of God for all people regardless of their race,
nationality, sexual orientation or marital situation.
Members of the Order serve as Lay Apostles, vowed Brothers, Sisters, Deacons and Priests in parish ministries, hospital and nursing home
ministries and outreach programs to the poor, homeless, youth and seniors.
Franciscans  of Divine Mercy & Love of God
An Independent Old Catholic Faith Community
Independent Catholic Church of the Americas
EMAIL: Divinemercyparish@msn.com
Fund Raiser for Mission Auto
We have been able to lease a new Nissan Versa Note car for mission use with a payment of only $98 a month which includes all maintenance for the 3
year of the lease which means we only have to worry about putting Gas in it and it is getting 33 miles to the gallon BUT we still in need of $200 to repay
a loan that allowed us to obtain the new mission vehicle. I beg you to please help us repay the loan before the first of August. If you have donated, I
thank you and appreciate your generosity. If you can give more, please consider doing so. I do not want to disappoint the person who lent us the extra
money we needed.
OR by sending a check or money order directly to our Ministry bank and notating on it that is for the "Vehicle Fund Drive".
Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus
C/O Middlesex Savings Bank
830 Washington Street
Holliston, MA 01746
Pax et Bonum
Peace & All God's Goodness be with you
Rev. Fr. Bob Johnnene OFD